I am on the Road to Progress

After graduating from UC Riverside I was on the road to nowhere, but now I am moving slightly to my goal now. I passed 2/3 of the CSET subject exams for Social Science educators and I have the world civilizations exam to finish up while I need to finish up three more classes for my pending admission to Western Governor’s University.

After finding out I passed my US History exam in January, I was looking at schools to apply to. Cal Poly Pomona was wanting prior experience, but most of the places I was looking for prior experience with youth wanted prior experience. While Western Governor’s University wanted me to take more classes so their students would be fully experienced in the content that they would teach in the classroom. I decided to consider WGU as my school of choice for my goal to enter the education field.

My first class I took after 9 years away from Chaffey College was Sociology, a survey class in the fields of Sociology. I ended up getting an A in the class. After being removed from the formal classroom setting even though I took some online classes to see if I should be an accountant or office assistant in 2007 I realized that was not for me.

Sociology was fun and informative, but I had to take the meat and potatoes of my reinstruction. World History prior to 1500 was a good class to take, it was with one of the regular history professors at Chaffey College and it was a summer class where I had to go Monday thru Thursday 2 hours a day. Professor Cruz did a decent job in trying to jam pack several thousand years into 23 plus sessions of class. I was pleasantly shocked that I earned an A- in the class. I did not test well on the midterm earning a 77 percent, but on the final exam I went with a vengeance and earned around 96 percent to help get my grade to a nice finish.

If WGU counts my Physical Anthropology class in the magic 12 classes I need for admission, I only need three more classes and I am signed up for them. Since I am not a youngster compared to most college students today, I take my classes slightly more seriously at times. US History after 1875, World History after 1500 and World Geography are next starting on August 16th.

I will likely get a B+ or better in these classes, but even though I already earned an AA from Chaffey, I would like to perk up my GPA for posterity purposes. It was a 2.55 and now it’s a 2.86.

In the next month or two I need to pay my application fee of $65 and send my transcripts in, I will likely have to send my Chaffey transcript a 2nd time when I get my final grades and my AP exam score from 1997 to WGU even though Chaffey accepted my credit from AP Government.

I hope to start the secondary Social Science program in January 2012.

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