No Thanks TSA

Recently when waiting for the bus near Chaffey College, I saw a new announcement from Omnitrans which made me think of what might happen in the future for what was announced. The TSA is going to invade our bus systems no matter if its MTA in Los Angeles to Omnitrans in San Bernardino County.

Omnitrans is participating with the Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) to help ensure that
our public transportation systems are kept safe
for everyone. Our world changed on Sept. 11,
2001.  We learned that our country and its transit
systems are not immune from terrorist attacks.  
Omnitrans already regularly cooperates with local
law enforcement and first responders to enhance
the safety and security of our system.  Soon we
will begin partnering with TSA and the
Department of Homeland Security.
A program known as VIPR (Visible Intermodal
Prevention and Response) will deploy teams
of government law enforcement officers at
Omnitrans transit centers.  VIPR teams will
conduct random searches at transit centers
including at passenger waiting areas and on
board Omnitrans vehicles.  Some officers will
be in uniform and others will not.  In some
cases bomb-sniffing dogs may be used.  The
VIPR program will help detect and deter
potential threats to our customers, our
employees and our community.
Thank you for your cooperation as we work with
TSA to help secure your ride. 

More information is available at


If you like the TSA’s work at your local airports you will love the TSA at the subway, at the bus station and any other places you thought you could escape the TSA so you can preserve your dignity.

Many people are not happy with the abuses the TSA have done such as feeling up six year olds and causing an incontinent 95 year old lady with cancer to take off her wet diaper.

I know we want a safe transportation system, and I know we do not want bus stations or buses have to endure suicide bombers, as the case with the British with the IRA, or the Israelis with the Palestinian radicals.

However there should be a way to preserve our dignity while still maintaining security. Because for the people who have drivers licenses and access to a vehicle, they will just suffer the sticker shock at the pump and keep on driving and air quality be darned.

I think we should disband the VIPR program. It is lame and does little to secure our transportation system. It is just security theater to say we are doing stuff to protect you, but they are not really protecting you. Maybe we should just take lessons from the Israelis instead of following the TSA playbook.

Libertarians, conservatives and even progressives should be wary of this. VIPR teams may result in being felt up in the name of security, but it can also lead to la migra where some San Diego teens were deported due to these screenings. I wonder if Congressman Baca, the defender of the undocumented will actually stand up against the TSA.

If we can not detect people flying with fake boarding passes and weapons are so easily being smuggled thru airports still, then why do we have to waste valuable taxpayer money.

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