My Opposition to S.978

I decided to write a letter to Senator Feinstein and will likely send it to Senator Boxer AND Congressman Baca.

July 9, 2011

Dear Senator Feinstein

I am here to announce my opposition to S. 978 and I would like to express how regressive this bill is for our nation as a whole. I know you are bought and paid for by the content providers and you will not likely change your mind like Congressman Bachmann suddenly embracing LGBT equality.

This bill will end up jailing so many non violent offenders for copyright issues, this will end up leading to more people in jail for terms up to five years like how Oklahoma jails people with dime bags of marijuana with 10 year sentences. Threatening to shut the internet connection of people who upload videos of lip syncing to popular music will help to destroy the fandom for people’s appreciation for the works of the leading musical acts of today.

I know that the RIAA wants the money they used to make before the Internet, but we are in a new age.

I could understand going after illegal downloads and torrent sites that offer unauthorized products, but killing off interpretive content such as a music video concept by an independent film maker, a hobbyist covering their favorite tune or a drag queen dancing around pretending that he is Jenifer Lopez helps to spark the people against S.978.

What is the RIAA asking from you when you meet with them? Maybe you can ask your friends at the RIAA and MPAA to offer to sell hobbyist licenses at $50 to start. So you can still help your friends make some money, and prevent our states and the federal government from clogging our prisons from S.978 offenders.

We currently are having severe budget problems where we might default on our debts, and this bill might actually cost the government more money in enforcing it. Jailing people for five years for broadcasting an online video game game play session from World of Warcraft as an example is rather regressive and draconian such as Australia’s internet censorship.

I would encourage you and your friends who wrote this bill Sen. KLOBUCHAR, Sen. CORNYN, and Sen. COONS to amend this bill. We can both respect intellectual property, but there can be a new way in solving the problem.

Because S.978 will create more political opponents and people who support issues you advocate for such as LGBT equality and pro-choice will likely consider a homophobic opponent in 2012 instead.


Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

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