Save The Inland Elephant

I am going to come up with a slate for the 4th San Bernardino County Supervisorial District Republican committee. We need 5 other willing people who are part of the district to join up.

I am focusing on the agenda of an inclusive Republican Party. A party inviting and willing to work on uniting people and providing solutions instead of just focusing on abortion and the gays as the wedge issues distracting us from what is happening in our cities, our state and our nation. If people actually attended our county party meetings they’d more likely stay home watching baseball on television or go on with their lives.

Redistricting might change the composition of the 4th supervisorial district. However I want to start recruiting candidates to run.

We have lost almost 1000 Republicans since May 2009, and if we had a more welcoming Republican Party that did not care if you were Christian or straight or if you like to express your religion privately or in public.

Save The Inland Elephant, the initiative for 2012.

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