Ontario, California Fireworks Regulations are Pointless

Even though there are signs printed throughout our city stating that fireworks are illegal to set off even if they are safe and sane, people are still detonating them. Fireworks are even for sale at booths near the Ontario Mills mall. I know people could go to cities that allow them and bring them here even though it is illegal, but if its illegal in Ontario then the Ontario Police needs to buddy up with the fire department to seize the fireworks sold in Ontario such as the ones sold at the Ontario Mills parking lot.

If people want fireworks go to a professional display. Not everyone wants to hear stuff going off until July 5th.

Also we should have bomb sniffing dogs on duty on the California agriculture inspection station  for 10 days leading to July 4th so we could seize all the illegal fireworks entering our state from Nevada. This is one issue that we need to work with our county supervisors and our state legislators. Perhaps the fines from all the morons who smuggle these explosives should break even the cost of staffing the station.

For 2012, the Ontario police needs to go on undercover arresting sprees to go after the violators perhaps just like how they arrest people who shoot guns in the air on New Years Day. Why spend the money on the signs when the regulations are not being enforced?

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