Think Twice Before Saying My Job Sucks

Personally for those of us who have any job, from a part time job to a full time job cleaning toilets we should be happy we have one at all. My sister in June ended up applying to 66 jobs and only got 3 job interviews and no hire yet in the last four months she has been unemployed.

It’s a employer’s market, compared to 2006 when people hired anyone that moved. I used to remember a Las Vegas gas station offering $200 signing bonus for people who wanted to be gas station attendants. Now people are lining up 10-20 people for 1-2 slots at most firms big and small.

My sister’s childhood friend stupidly made a tantrum saying she wanted to be paid the same higher wage as her co-workers at $14, but she was recently hired at $12 and she felt offended. This individual ended up making a tantrum to her new company’s HR department and will likely be layoff bait in the near future.

Right now, the part time job that helped me through college is all I have right now. I would love to have a full time 25-40k a year job, but there is not much right now for the asking. I just make good in an imperfect situation and am trying to get motivated where I could enter a new career and another $10k in student loans to boot where I can finally get some good use out of my degree from UC Riverside.

Even though the pay not be exceptional or the job may cause us deep stress, we should be happy that our situations may be better than others and hope that the economic climate will be better for the time we need to move on to a new company or field of work.

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