Electoral Fusion

I may not be an expert on this idea, but from what I have read on New York state policies, it may be a great idea to help out third parties.

Proposition 14 is going to make it hard on ballot access for third parties in California. The survival of the Peace and Freedom, Libertarian, American Independent and Greens will be in danger. My proposal is to reintroduce fusion voting in California.

This system is similar to New York State, where third parties would be able to run their own candidate or offer their ballot line and endorsement to a major party official. Unlike what happened in California, major parties can not fusion each other. You would not see Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner on the Republican and Democratic ballot lines, but you might see him on the Green and Peace and Freedom ballot lines as an example.

Ballot access would happen as long as your candidate during the governor election receives a given number of votes on that party’s ballot line. So Dave Jones would have to receive at least 100,000 votes on the Green Party ballot line for the Green Party to stay as ballot qualified until 2018. The party who wins the most candidates would have their party listed first in the third parties you can vote for in the electoral fusion.

I think we could have it where third parties could run candidates in the Top 2 election, but endorse their favorite major party candidate within 30 days of the end of the Top 2 election so their endorsements can be mentioned in the November election.

Since top two (Prop 14) shuts out the third parties, this may be the best solution in helping to keep ballot access for these parties.

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