The Ideal Wal-Mart Site

I know Wal-Mart and the city of Ontario is dogmatic that it will be on 5th and Mountain if we like it or not as what Lt.Governor Newsom made famous when he helped to inspire a TV ad for the Yes on 8 people.

I know that Ontario is not anti-Wal Mart like other cities in California, but I do support a Wal-Mart in the right parcel.

I am suggesting Inland Empire and Vineyard.

I have a snapshot of the parcel if anyone wants to take a look.

One thought on “The Ideal Wal-Mart Site”

  1. As I noted in a comment on your 2008 post (along with a reference to City Rentals), the parcel in question is no better than the parcel at 5th and Mountain. There are a number of residences on Vineyard, and the same arguments that apply to that site would also apply to the Vineyard site – increase in traffic, danger to children, increase in crime, etc. The only difference between the two parcels is that the one on Vineyard doesn’t have a history of hosting commercial businesses, and the one on Mountain has hosted commercial businesses for decades.

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