Republican Choices for Feinstein’s Senate Seat 2012

Welcome to the Republican Party fantasy draft for the challenger to run against Dianne Feinstein. People are thinking that Feinstein will be a shoe-in, but with the right Republican and no far right traditionalist group destroying the most electable Republican like last election good things might happen. This is inspired by a diary on Calitics the California  Democratic/Progressive left leaning blog.

The San Diegans

1. Jerry Saunders – termed out mayor of San Diego

2. Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher – veteran and termed out State Assemblyman

Los Angeles County

3. Congressman David Dreier

Kern County

4. Roy Ashburn former State Senator

Abel Maldonado would have been considered, but he earned so much bad blood for being Arnold’s BFF and the author of Proposition 14 so I would not add him to my list.


Who else would be YOUR favorite electable Republican choice for US Senate?

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