I Know Its Theater

I wish Mike Gatto accepted the food from the John and Ken Show in good nature and then said “This will be a minor inconvenience, but I will donate the food to a local food bank instead”.

John and Ken do tactics like this for ratings and also to demonstrate absurdity by being absurd. I did write to Mike Gatto’s personal email address and he did write to me surprisingly or used a form letter because I did mention my grandfather and his friend who takes care of his needs live in his 43rd Assembly district and I would encourage them to vote for the Republican.

However this is Mike’s statement. He believes that most of the John and Ken listeners got what he said out of context.

I am more upset at the idea of one branch of government withholding the pay of another to try to get what it wants. Could you imagine if the legislature (or anyone) tried to do that to a judge, if the judge didn’t rule like we wanted? That’s a little too Soviet Union for me, and would result in a system of chaos, even worse than it is now.
I’m pushing for reforms up here and trying to move the state forward — with or without pay. Some days, that attitude is a little hard to explain to the wife, that’s all!
I should make it very clear: this is about principal. We have passed two budgets this year, both which cut government by $10 billion dollars, and we have done so without raising taxes.
You might consider: what if a Controller chose to forbid legislative pay simply as a tool to force the Legislature to take a step it had not taken, such as to raise taxes?
I don’t think that’s a proper use of the law, and I think our Founding Fathers and taxpayers would have issues with that too.

Personally the Republican Party in the Assembly District 43 chose wrong with Sunder, I thought Sunder was a good choice in the beginning. However Sunder had connections to the National Organization for Marriage and that killed my enthusiasm for Sunder. I would of either held my nose and voted for Mike or left my ballot blank. If the Republicans nominate another anti-LGBT nominee, Gatto has nothing to fear. New maps show his district to be safely gerrymandered anyways and most of the people that made Pasadena and Glendale Republican fled in the last decade.

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