Glad I Did Not Get Bamboozled

I did not vote for Ovitt in 2004, 2006 or 2010. I knew that Ontario was famous for corrupt politicians and voted for his opponent in each election. I also never voted for Schwarzenegger and voted Libertarian Party on his two elections as well.

I am also glad that redevelopment agencies are being killed in California. Redevelopment agencies namely in places such as Ontario led to all this corruption that has taken place in Ontario, Upland and San Bernardino County.

I know redevelopment agencies do noble things, but taxpayers end up getting ripped off from all the sweetheart development deals that get made where in Ontario, two developers get a parcel of land for 45 thousand when it was valued at 8 million dollars. Redevelopment agencies are hotbeds of corruption and I am glad Governor Brown is pulling the plug. The same folks who are responsible for the Colonies Scandal are part of the earlier 6th and Mountain scandal. That is why the Colonies developers were the fairy godfathers to Supervisor Ovitt.

It seems likely something will happen with Supervisor Ovitt in the near future, I hope all political figures and major donors in San Bernardino County learn from these experiences so they do not have to lawyer up or face jail charges and just serve the common people instead of trying to make their cronies rich.

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