Bah Humbug Torres and McLeod

Due to the Democratic Party’s zeal to get paid, they have passed some dubious legislation that violates Proposition 25 and 26.

I do understand that we need to fund our education system and other useful public services. However the Democratic Party has violated the law.

Now I will likely have to remove my Amazon referral links because they will likely pull out so they would keep their right not to charge sales tax in California due to the passage of AB 153.

Remember Gloria McLeod wants to be one of the oldest house freshmen in 2013 at age 72. Think of how she wants to make your Amazon purchases more expensive.

Although we are obligated to pay for the out of state purchase because we are using the item in California, the use tax is obligated but the enforcement of it is rather difficult. Personally if the use or sales tax is too high people will naturally avoid it whenever possible. The goal for the use and sales tax is to make it reasonable, easier to comply with and easier for enforcement of said tax.

If the use tax was the base sales tax from California 8.25 percent or 7.25 percent depending if the temporary tax rate gets passed maybe people would be willing to fund our public services, and at least keep some money in our state. If the sales tax rate is too high people will run away like the excessive rate in Pico Rivera and South Gate.

Using the base tax rate would be a good idea because small businesses would not have to pay for expensive databases to find out the exact tax rate to invoice. Ease of compliance equals ease of enforcement.

Until Proposition 25 and 26 get repealed, Democrats have to follow the law. I know Republicans are extorting the state, but maybe we need a two year budget process so we would not have to play these stupid games each year. Because of the 2/3rds requirement there is no incentive for Republicans to have socially inclusive legislators. Maybe if the requirement was waived maybe Republicans would be there to represent all of the state not just a minor part of our state.

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