Supermarket Strikes

Just to let our readers know, Supermarket Strikes will come later your way in Southern California. These strikes were uncomfortable back in 2004 where many of the supermarkets never fully recovered and some locations ended up shuttered like the one across the street from my employer in Upland.

I am perplexed why some supermarket chains get themselves in trouble Supervalu’s Albertsons when other unionized chains have less problems like Stater Brothers. Back in 2004 the union members in chains such as Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons ended up striking to prevent their wages and benefits from being reduced which led to a 142 day dispute.

Right now in 2011 we should expect another strike to hit our area from the fallout from the labor dispute in San Diego County.

I traditionally used to be uncomfortable with labor unions for many reasons, but labor unions help keep decent wage jobs for millions of Americans. If businesses want to avoid the wrath of a labor union they need to pay decent wages and be responsive to employee concerns like workplace safety.

The grocery industry is very fragmented right now and there are many non-union competitors. I know union members want to protect their wages and benefits and they rightfully so. My cousin is a union member for the grocery industry and I do understand their concerns. Only fear for a future supermarket strike is that more jobs will be lost like the Upland Pavilions that closed right after the strike.

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