Reflections on Jury Duty

I recognize that jury duty is an important function in our society to make sure all defendants are judged by a jury of their peers, but I feel it’s irresponsible how people are yanked on their chains where they are basically tethered to their phones like a physician waiting for their next assignment at the emergency room.

It would be better to have people show up at one set time instead of being rescheduled for another possible time 4 hours after your previously scheduled time. If it is not going to be in the early morning then dismiss us the day before, or schedule us in the early afternoon the first place. It is a bummer when individuals who use the public bus service end up paying their fare and call the jury hotline and find out they did not have to show up at the first place.

Obviously I am not going to disregard my summons, but for our courts if they want to increase participation in jury service they should respect the time of the individuals called for this duty.

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