Exploring 2012’s Inland Empire Districts [Preview]

Today we are going to explore some future districts coming to you in 2012, these are not the final districts but I will do a full feature article on the final maps and see how they may effect our representation in the Inland Valley.

These maps do not take in account where legislators live so there may be 2 or 3 legislators running against each other in the primary to see who will reign supreme.

State Assembly District 61, Future district NO CHANGE

State Assembly District 62, Future District NO CHANGE

State Assembly District 60, Future District, This district has more of Orange County and less of Los Angeles County.

Lets look at the partisanship:

It would be around 31%D, 43%R, 20% Decline to State and 6% other parties. Not as generous as the previous map. However its likely safely Republican and safe form the clutches of the SEIU.

State Assembly District 59, Future district, instead of a bizarre map of 2001, the district basically stays in one area instead of trying to serve two communities of interest.

You see the San Gabriel Valley and the city of Upland from San Bernardino county have their own seat, but there is a new district where Mike Morrell and Tim Donnelly will have to fight for their political lives if they want a second term. Where this new district covers from Hesperia, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands and Lake Arrowhead.

However the San Gabriel Valley portion of the district might end up becoming a Democratic Party pickup.

From using the registration statistics, its basically split 50/50. When we find out the exact partisan breakdown it will be rather interesting.

As what Democratic Party leaning blog Calitics said, “redistricting may end up leading some Republicans to end up voting for the Democratic Party leaning budget”. However Republicans in California are very dogmatic this year and even with changing demographics for re-election Republicans are still not going to support any tax increases at all. Republicans got tarred and feathered in 2010 for going against the grain in 2010 and they learned their lesson.

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