My Letter to Local State Senate Republicans Regarding AB 9

I am here to implore our local Republican State Senators to support Seth’s Law (AB 9) by Assemblyman Ammiano of San Francisco. Even though this may not make your base happy, sometimes you have to take a stand for what is right so we can have a safe place for students to learn.

Even though there are existing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws there are school districts across this state that refuse to do anything to stop the bullying and harassment of LGBT students from other students and at times the staff of the school. This law is not just for LGBT students, but it adds strength to existing legislation for all included groups such as sex, gender, ethnicity and religion. Just because this bill was inspired by a dead gay teenager’s plight, does not mean it should automatically deserve your opposition.

If students are feeling unsafe to attend school, then they will not be able to succeed in school thus giving students low grades and the potential for more school drop outs. No matter if the persecuted are bullied because of being different, all students deserve a safe learning environment instead of giving license for bullies.


Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

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