Are You Fed Up?

I know the economy is screwed up, but feeding the poor fast food is an utterly bad idea. I know businesses want government aid, but feeding fatty foods to people with their EBT cards seems totally against Michelle Obama’s visions for a healthy America.

My idea would be something fiscal conservatives and health and wellness advocates would endorse. Instead of allowing people to shop at 7-11 or Taco Bell, how about we sponsor high quality cookbooks people could use to cook a variety of recipies and meal plans to stretch their benefit dollars or even for those who still have gainful employment ways they could stretch their money as well.

Since many of the Food Network stars have became cultural icons my idea is to use them to help make quarterly cookbooks on how people could feed their family of 4 on $240 a month. Paperback cookbooks could be printed in government offices, and you could buy a deluxe hardcover edition to help fund food relief organizations at places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

My idea would be the ultimate public/private partnership. If we just subsidize fast food we will end up having public heath issues in the long run. Let us do it right from the beginning.

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