Inland Valley Redistricting

This may be a promising seat for a centrist Republican or a Latino of either party to run for. This district may not be definite, but it would be nice to see finalized. This is based on pending handouts for review.

It has the cities of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Chino Hills, Chino, Montclair and Pomona.

Let us look at the partisan demographics

This is from the odd year registration report from February 2011

CITY DEM REP DTS Registration Advantage
Rancho 28650 33560 14817 36D-42R-18I
Ontario 25821 17219 9695 47D-31R-18I
Chino 11885 11878 5204 39D-39R-17I
Chino Hills 11977 15704 7910 32D-42R-21I
Montclair 6011 3149 2218 50D-27R-19I
Pomona 28464 12124 10626 53D-23R-20I

One thing is we need to look at the partisan statistics.

42% Democratic Party, 35% Republican Party and 18% Decline to State. It would be a district that would be very competitive and would not want an extreme ideologue from either party.

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