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I am becoming more disappointed that California Republican legislators are basically owned by the Traditional Values Collation, just like how the Democratic Party legislators are basically owned by the Service Employees International Union. Even if it is a tame bill such as AB 9 (Seth’s Law), to help reduce the bullying and suicides in our public school system, Republicans overwhelmingly voted against the bill 26 of 27 members in office, while 1 of the members of the caucus is in the Middle East serving our nation.

Yes, we may have existing anti-bullying legislation. However there are numerous school districts in our state particularly in districts that have legislators who voted NO on AB 9 who fail to take this issue seriously. That is the reason why  AB 9 was drafted. We need to make it where no more students have to be in fear of their school safety or have to change their routes home from school so they would not be bullied.

I know the Republican Party basically serves the Inland areas of our state where there is a different demographic composition compared to the majority in the Democratic Party caucus in the California legislature, but if Republicans want to win areas they could have a strong chance in winning such as AD 5, 53, 54, 76, 78,80 and SD 34, 39 they should get over their fear of LGBT Californians because they do exist.

California’s population is no longer white and the elderly base that may have views that support the majority of Republican Party legislators, but if we want to have more members in the caucus to support public safety initiatives , or taxpayer friendly moves such as prohibiting alcohol and tobacco purchases under government aid we need to get more inclusive legislators where younger voters would find common ground with.

With redistricting happening where there is a requirement that the map makers do not take in account where the legislators live which might make it harder for individuals such as Bob Huff or Steve Knight to get re-elected. If Republicans can prepare themselves for the future they could see the reality changing.

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