Life in a Nutshell

The problem in life is I have increasing debts due to my dental fees from each visit I have. The failed crown in March basically killed off my dreams of fiscal stability where over 800 dollars was blown. Because there was no contacts for the crown, the failed crown ended up infecting my mouth causing me horrible pain until I had to visit the dentist.

Then at work I find out that Memorial Day was painful due to an extremely busy store and my boss ended up watching me for almost a hour to see if I was serving the customers fast enough. I am trying to work on reducing non-work related conversation when it gets so busy. I wish I could split myself into two, but that is more science fiction to be honest.

If I get lectured on this issue again, I am going to politely tell my boss to consider other independent metrics such as the amount of items I processed per hour AND number of customers served which is available from the terminal software. Some customers had pricing issues or breakable items I had to wrap, but there is always room for improvement.

I am hoping for a stable amount of hours for each paycheck, a chance to improve my skills to meet the assistant manager’s standards and for me to complete the last four classes I need for Western Governor’s University so I could start on the teaching credential program in January of 2012.

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