Disappointed by Microsoft

I was tempted to get into some more consumer debt and do something I would obviously need to do if I get accepted to the Western Governors University secondary teaching credential program. I would need to buy a laptop so I could use it at field sites during my 1.5 year program.

The Windows Experience Blog states in their story, “When students buy a Windows 7 PC over $699, they will receive a FREE Xbox 360*” and the Asterisk mark does not state that retailers can put extra conditions on the deal.

Basically Dell, one of the leading participants in this deal wants to add extra conditions and Microsoft should of talked to their OEM’s and made sure they were on the same page. Which led to some angry comments on the blog.

I’ve been thinking about buying the XPS 15 for a bit now, as I need a new laptop and my Macbook Pro is finally giving out on me.  This deal was the extra push I needed to go PC this time instead of Mac.

Then I find out that you can only buy specifically configured Dell PCs, and the only XPS 15 configuration I can choose from doesn’t have the specs I want at all.  Not only that, but it’s marked UP, which means I wouldn’t be saving any money at all!  What a scam, Microsoft.  Very disappointing.  

I wanted to give Dell $1700 for a new PC, and they won’t LET me?  Maybe Apple will get my business again after all.


The way Microsoft marketed the promotion is going to get the company in trouble, the marketing department needs to team up with the legal department and make amends fast. I think giving a two week window for any student to buy any pc over $699 and get the Xbox shipped at no extra charge would be the best solution, then after the two week window it would be select systems like how Dell is advertising.

From other reports from the comment thread this is also happening to HP system purchases as well. So avoid the promotion until Microsoft does something to adjust it.  

Basically the XBOX is factored into the cost of the system.

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