College Bookstore Issues

I just find it sad that our college bookstore in collaboration with the instructors for some of the courses subject students to over 160 dollars in books for courses that do not require technological or specialist knowledge.

There are ways to lower the cost of these books while still supporting the bookstore. If an instructor subjects students to high textbook costs, then the student will not likely sign up for the class.

First, we could go the online textbook route. The bookstore could facilitate tablet sales where we could read the textbooks on our ipads or android tablets as an example. The bookstore could get a nominal referral fee for each digital download and tablet sold.

Second, instructors can use custom editions which could meet department standards that could be sold in the Chaffey College bookstore exclusively. Instead of Business Law textbook for 130 dollars, the custom edition could be sold for 85 dollars.

Third, instructors should generally use the same book for a class and mandate that any supplemental book costs no more than thirty dollars. This would allow for the bookstore to reduce their costs in ordering potential textbooks, minimize student costs and give flexibility to instructors to have extra perspectives taught in addition to the official book used for a particular course.

We have a horrible economic climate and we need to work together as a team in the college to make sure all parties can succeed with their respective missions. Making it harder on the students will only make it harder on the bookstore and instructors.

2 thoughts on “College Bookstore Issues”

  1. One potential problem with your first idea – what if the student doesn’t have one of those particular devices?

    I know of one college student who arrived to class only to find out it had been moved. The student had checked e-mail on a laptop before breakfast, and there was no notification of the move. It turned out that the professor had notified students of the move just a few minutes before class started…and had made the assumption that all students carried smartphones with e-mail capability. This student didn’t have such an expensive phone. 

  2.  That is why I came up with alternative suggestions. I once had a class move on me and it took me almost 1 hour to find the classroom. This was before email was mainstream on phones. In the old days you had to use a palm pilot and tether it with your candy bar nokia phone for email. 

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