Animal Control and Stray Cats

I wish animal control took care of requests to dispose of stray cat litters before they ended up becoming kitten makers making the pet overpopulation problem much worse. Also I wish veterinarians were required to authorize people to have prescriptions for feline birth control for those who feed or take care of stray cat colonies.

You want to be humane, you do not want the baby feral kittens to starve to death or get killed by dogs. But it seems people are screwed in trying to deal with the problem in the proper and ethnical way. I wish there was a way where the animal control service would HAVE to deal with the issue on the same day even if you paid a nominal donation of $20.

I was worried that my father would be unsuccessful in the stray kitten rodeo, but he was able to round them up again for collection. Instead of 10 being around my next door neighbor’s back yard, there is only 1 of the new generation lurking about.

Maybe the best idea is not to feed cat colonies and let the feral cats to their own devices.

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