Restaurant Review

This is something I traditionally do not do on my blog. However I feel like this should be a new irregular feature. I decided to go to CiCi’s Pizza Buffet in Chino Hills. CiCi’s is a pizza buffet chain with stores across the United States. Since my sister had a job interview nearby and I had my Sociology class in the neighborhood we decided to bundle all our trips and eat there as part of our day.

CiCi’s is regularly $7.28 a person plus tax for food and drink for adults. Compared to John’s Incredible Pizza this is a good deal. CiCi’s is more like a place for parents to bring their children to, but adults can still have a good meal. Right now at the time of writing there was a promotion for $3.99 plus $1.79 beverage from 11a-2p Monday thru Friday at the Chino Hills location.

Pizza was good, it was not like Round Table, but it was average. There are the usual staples such as salad, soup, pasta, over 8 types of pizza including a desert pizza with brownies and cinnamon rolls for desert.

The salads are standard fare, but I wish there was some hard boiled eggs and cheese to go with the salads like most buffet establishments.

And I wish there was milk to go with the desert items, even if customers have to pay $1 for a bottle. Also good for parents who do not want their kids to drink soda too.

For the price you can not go wrong, but my overall impression is for this establishment that I will not be a regular patron. However for an occasional visit its worthwhile.

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