Jury Duty, Pointless

I love the political process, I love the legal process. However for the last thirteen years since I turned 18, I have not been selected to be on a jury trial. This is why I have a negative opinion about jury duty. I get called for my important obligation, but it seems the wheel of fate does not want me there.

I know I should not knock on wood, but if people are not going to be picked to be on a jury then why bother with the selection process. I know sometimes you get removed the day before. However sometimes it says call at 9:30am then be ready if they need you or not. People should not have to go through hoops for jury duty. Not everyone has a car or can  be readily available like a surgeon tied to their pager.

And when the economy really soured at my retail store I work at where I barely got any hours two years ago, I still got rejected for jury service when the paltry amount of money for a trial would have been beneficial.

We request time off, where we could be making a wage to pay the government for the public services that they need to run, but if people are not going to be selected for a trial or considered for a trial where the lawyers eliminate potential jurors then what is the value of the trial.

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