Corgi Tales

Odin the corgi is well and active now. He will be getting a checkup in the next week or two after the surgery he had a week and a half ago. I am going to have to clean my room from top to bottom to prepare for the day he is able to jump on beds and couches.

Puppies are cute yet destructive creatures. My sister’s other corgi ended up chewing my state identification card and I ended up having to wait in line at the DMV office to get a replacement while another 25 plus bucks get consumed. Right now Odin chewed one of my nice pairs of shoes and even though some of the foam is exposed, I hope the pair of shoes can last for another month or two. I bought this pair of shoes in May 2010 and they are holding up ok, hoping for another three months of wear.

I guess it is a message from god telling me that I should clean my room now.

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