Obama May Stink, but We Should Not Stink Ourselves In the Process.

President Obama’s presidency has made people on the right and even on the left frustrated and disappointed. However since Obama has African-American heritage, there are things you absolutely should not do to express your disgust with him or his policies.

Any alleged humor dealing with food black people typically eat. A lady in Rancho Cucamonga got nominated as worst person of the day by Keith Olberman and sparked worldwide news about this with her Obama Bucks cartoon.

This situation also happened with an email with a cartoon about Obama turning the White House lawn into a watermelon patch which caused controversy for a former Orange County city councilman.

Then recently, someone sent an email about Obama and some apes which caused an Orange County Republican Party committee member some unwanted attention. Yes, you are allowed to consider W Bush an ape in cartoons and art, but due to history depicting black people as less than human it is not cool to share emails like that.

Attack Obama on the issues, don’t become the target. Attack Obama on his love of Planned Parenthood over the Armed Forces, attack him on maxing out the nation’s deficit, attack him for his energy policy which is making working families and businesses struggle to stay afloat.

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