Be Mindful of Parents Wallets

The economy is rough, wages are being cut with teachers are getting fired left and right. However I have one major complaint with teachers in general even though I personally do aspire to join the field in the next few years. Stop giving parents the unfunded mandate of having your students be required to do expensive projects.

Mission projects bust parents pocketbooks when many students and their families are living paycheck to paycheck. 50-100 dollars to complete the project can be better used elsewhere.

I am not speaking only about the infamous mission project or state projects, but even book reports can cost a pretty penny.

Not everyone is from a high wage household and educators in our state should recognize this fact. If we are friendly to the parents that send their children to our schools, then maybe the parents will be more likely to advocate for more funding to prevent education cutbacks.

One thought on “Be Mindful of Parents Wallets”

  1. It doesn’t get any better in later years. I heard of one college professor who moved a class location five minutes before the class began. Now if this had happened the night before, you could have found out via a standard e-mail account. But to find out about changes five minutes beforehand, the professor expected that all students had smartphones that were tied into e-mail accounts.

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