Needed Advice for San Bernardino County Republicans

Lets focus on creating jobs, and not on bashing LGBT people. For the people who do not have spare time to attend central committee meetings the beliefs of the majority in the room during the meetings are not the total beliefs of the people of the party or the region. We do not need any more Ben Lopez or Ryan Sorbas in the San Bernardino County Republican Party, but we need to have people that can unite and bring more people to our party.

The bashing of LGBT people is only a distraction from us getting to the real issues that are facing our nation.

Alan Simpson, former US Senator from Wyoming has got it right in his interview with Chris Matthews.

Personally I wonder if Ben Lopez, Scott Folkens, Earl De Vries, James Na and company would say the stuff they usually say in front of the faces of Bill Postmus, Congressman Drier and Roy Ashburn.

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