End Reefer Madness In Ontario and San Bernardino County

As someone who is considering running for elected office in my area, I am here to write my policy position on safe access on marijuana for people who need it for a medical condition.

Sadly my city of Ontario and the county of San Bernardino which my city is a part of made it difficult for individuals to obtain their medicine.

Proposition 215 made it possible for individuals to obtain the drug to treat their medical conditions thanks to its passage in November 1996. Even though almost all of the counties have implementation plans, many cities in San Bernardino County decided to firewall their communities against having these establishments in their neighborhoods because they say, if federal law does not let us have the drug or use the drug then federal law would trump state law.

But its ironic how many of these opponents may be hospitable to state’s rights, but they are selective to the application of the tenth amendment. Kind of like how Los Angeles County DA would not defend Prop 19 that legalized marijuana possession for any usage if it passed in the 2010 election.

I know cities want to maintain order and quality of life, but there should be a way to host a dispensary away from residential districts with rules such as you can not bundle any other drug aside from the marijuana, if you consume the drug within a 1/2 mile radius in public of the dispensary’s location you can receive the same charge as being publicly intoxicated.

I am not a marijuana user, but I believe in individual personal freedom to make the proper choices for their lives.

Or better yet the solution should follow where people  just grow their own plants and not have to worry about dispensaries and as long as you do not tax the water system or the energy grid, you should be left alone. If you are in a single family home and you use up a water supply to fill up a swimming pool when you do not have a swimming pool, then the DEA and the local police should have a word with you.

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