Quick Notes

Did you know that the founder of Red County is in deep trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission? Charles Hanlon, also known as Chip overstated his investment portfolio which means fraud in the SEC’s eyes.

Red County used to be a real good blog in San Bernardino County until the San Bernardino County scandals derailed the blog. Red County was the place where we had the Obama Republican Women’s club scandal unravel where Keith Olberman led to have the club’s president as his worst person of the day.

With the federal government broke, it seems we should have a website where average citizens could come up with proposals to help cut costs. I recently thought of the idea of eliminating congressional pensions for individuals such as Gary Miller of Diamond Bar or John Kerry of Massachusetts. If a retired congressional member has a net worth of less than 2.5 million then they would be able to get a congressional pension, if its between 2.5 million and 4.99 million then they would get a partial pension. After 5 million net worth, they would be on their own. However if they bottom out they could get their congressional pension restored the next calendar year.

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