What About Wal-Mart in Ontario?

Wal-Mart in Ontario is one of the most popular search engine topics that lead to my website. The existence of a Wal-Mart in Ontario has been a deeply controversial issue in my community.

The former Target at Fifth and Mountain has been vacant for nearly a decade, where Wal-Mart basically pays 2-3 people to patrol a vacant lot because they refuse to bulldoze it for years.

People are worried about increased traffic, more crime, more noise and perhaps the local Albertsons shutting down because Wal-Mart will obviously have lower prices. However the issue is mostly a NIMBY issue, (Not In My Backyard) where people in the southern part of the city or people in Montclair saying, “We want our new Wal-Mart” and it would be nice not having to go to Chino for our shopping needs. But this will also lead to the Wal-Mart in Upland to be shut down as well, so there would not be a huge increase in the number of people employed in the store.

If we also want to reduce the worries about traffic, how about we build a bridge across sixth street and people could use the parking lot on the new Wal-Mart and the parking garage that the city of Ontario illegally spent redevelopment money to build for the movie theater. If there are more arteries for people to shop at the Super Wal-Mart we would not have to worry about congestion as much.

If we are worried that Albertsons will shutter down, in Corona there is a Vons right near the Super Wal-Mart!

I did suggest in a previous post that building a Wal-Mart on a lot on Fourth and Vineyard in Ontario might be a better idea because we can handle the traffic on the huge parcel of land there. 

I am not against Wal-Mart for all its faults, but its about placing it in an appropriate parcel that would be respectful of traffic, environment and the concerns of the residents is the big factor in all of it.

If worse comes to worse we could always have a telethon and buy that parcel of land from Wal-Mart and designate it as open space.

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