Crazy bookstore

While taking my Sociology class I noticed the strange pricing at the Chaffey College bookstore.
It seems the store is soaking it hard on those who can not afford to be soaked on themselves.
The college bookstore recommended an out of print edition of the text published over five years ago.
Oddly they are asking over eighty dollars for a used copy. I could understand this for the current edition, but the out of print edition it seems silly.
I know the bookstore is operated like an auxiliary organization to help raise money for scholarships and other useful functions, but at least they could be tactful about their pricing. Sell the 2005 edition for forty dollars at least and if there is a gut of the edition after the 2005 version then get those and at least pass the savings for future classes.
If we want students to patronize the bookstore first, the bookstore and the college must adapt to the competition.

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