Blue on Blue

It is disgusting at the behavior of some idiots who attend games at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. We are not football hooligans, we are better than this as supporters of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We are not gang members where if you don’t wear the right colors you have the privilege of being beaten senseless. I know that the Dodgers versus Giants rivalry has even been violent even on the baseball diamond where a Giants pitcher caused a bloody brawl back in 1965 and a Giants fan ended up causing a brawl in 1981 where a Dodgers player threw his baseball helmet at the fan due to being taunted.

Southern Californians should united in support of the Giants fan who ended up getting violently beaten by two miscreants. Even if it is three or four dollars to the fund, feel free to help donate to the family who is suffering the after effects of the beating. Even if Bryan Stow recovers from the beating, there will be months or a few years before he can get back on the job and his family deserves some nominal fiscal support and goodwill from the people of our communities to get through with these times.

If you would like to donate visit here for the details.

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