Food Talk: Maple Bacon Sundae

I decided to go on an impulse purchase at Denny’s and get the Maple Bacon Sundae and I wish I did not make the purchase. My sister and her boyfriend were talking about this twisted creation and I interjected that I wanted to try it, and now I did.

Basically it is about 3 scoops of ice cream and 2 strips of bacon spread out throughout each scoop covered in maple syrup. It started out ok at first bite, but when I got halfway done with the desert I felt like I had enough.

This desert can be found at your local Denny’s branch for $2.99 as part of their bacon promotion called Baconalia for the next 60 days. Bacon is a nice snack, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Id rather go for the six pieces of bacon added to some of their breakfast items instead.

I think if Denny’s had an encore of this infamous treat, they need to cut it down 1 scoop and reduce the price down to $2.49 because most people do not have the strong stomachs to handle this. Click the link to see a picture of the decadent treat.

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