The State of the Utopia

The blog gets renewed for another season and we moved to a new web hosting provider after almost two years with Fatcow. Arvixe is the new webhost and I hope we both can work well with each other. I hope to be modestly popular so I do not end up having to upgrade to the next tier of service. Right now aside from blogging I am trying to get an education so I could end up going back to school to get the degree you need to make full use of a BA degree. My personal BA degree does not work well alone unless you have the connections such as being a field director to a city council member, county supervisor, congress member or state legislator. So I am trying to get the five classes I need passed before I can enter Western Governor’s University.

Update: Arvixe is a bad idea to be a part of, they got absorbed to the same collective that owns Fatcow.

Right now I am taking course one out of five, an introduction to Sociology class, it may be a three hour lecture class, but it can be informative and rather fun. Sad thing is the state budget crisis might make it harder for anyone who wants an education who does not have money or connections to advance up on the ladder of life. We might not even have summer classes in most of our public higher education facilities no matter if it is Chaffey College or UC Riverside. And I should of used my knowledge of Political Science to realize I should of just signed up for a Cal Poly Pomona Summer extension course at $400 because the doors of Chaffey College and Riverside College might close down until the Fall. Republicans do not want the kiss of death from Grover Norquist or John and Ken if they allowed the voters to decide that tax increases should be decided on the voters.

My new web host has fair pricing, and I hope I have a good experience with the company. And I do thank my sister for her partial sponsorship of my website.

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