Withdrawal Pains

Japan had a tragedy where people have died, buildings have been destroyed and several nuclear power plants have potentials of meltdown. Unfortunately the video game I play is Final Fantasy 11 since 2003 and their servers are hosted in Japan so I am without FFXI for the longest period since I have played it. I did survive one month without FFXI before in 2003 when the North American play test shut down in preparation for the global rollout. However I can survive.

Hopefully Square can re-locate their servers to the United States until the nation rebuilds, then the JP will end up dealing with the NA button.  English speaking players typically joke about the JP button about the advantages the JP have in latency due to being so close to the Tokyo based servers.

Currently I am aspiring to donate a portion of my MMO subscription fees Square is writing off as a nice gesture to their customers while Japan’s energy grid stabilizes. If it takes 1 week or 3 months, I will await the game. However if Square does not want to move the servers to the states, that is their choice. But since Square lost big money over the last few years, I do not want the company to falter due to natural disasters.  I want Japan and Square Enix to both survive.

I hope I can endure a week without my anti-drug from the real drugs in this world. I decided to clean my room and check the buried treasures under my bed, I found a textbook that has the potential of getting around 40 bucks back.

Maybe I can do some productive activities during my week of no MMO gameplay.

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