Face It, This is Going to Stink

I am going to surrender my $37 in “overpayment” to the state of California.

With the community college system going to take another nosedive, I feel sad for anyone including myself who may need services from them.

We already chopped off enough from our education and other public services where pretty soon our public services will be in dire straits like an anorexic suffering permanent complications. $40 a unit for the community colleges, $11000 for CSU and $17500 for the UC system in the near future? This is gone too far.

I am declaring my $37 as my use tax for all the Amazon and Tigerdirect purchases I have made. However the FTB needs to add the ability to pay the e-waste recycling fee that I never paid for my monitor. It may not be the total amount, but honestly I am hurting. However I am not going to be the person who just thinks Amazon is the official duty free store for Californians.

We need to work together. We may not go drastic like the governors of Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin, but we could come up with solutions to make the pain hurt less.


The stimulus did help, but it was not the nirvana that President Obama exclaimed. All it did was made sure that public pension and health care costs did not kill school budgets for the next two years. It did not really do much for private sector employment and unemployment did not go down to the promised level. Since the stimulus money is going away this is why we are having these controversies, it was only delaying the inevitable troubles.

I think there should be review periods through this five year tax increase period where if unemployment goes up more than 2 percent above the number we begin when the tax increase starts, the tax increase gets reduced by 25%, and then if the economy goes further worse then the tax increase gets reduced another 25%.

California Republicans are not going to support the tax vote in the legislature. Just like how if a Democratic Party legislator in Maryland voted against marriage equality in swing districts they might get removed. The people are going to have to place the ballot measure without the Republicans.

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