Disgusted at Juanitas

The local Mexican food fast food eatery on fourth street in Ontario decided to use social media to help get some business, which is smart. I do subscribe to their Twitter and Facebook pages, and that is how I learned about a promotion that happened today, but I got burned and wasted my time. I was trying to use my blackberry to find out where the actual claim was, but my client was unable to find out until I went back home to find out the real story.

I knew something was happening today, but they did not acknowledge or honor the promotion. I knew something was going on and that should have been the clue that the customer would of liked the free taco if he or she ordered a drink and a burrito

Since the person at the drive thru denied that a promotion was happening, I decided not to order the two drinks so there was less sales for them.

I do spend $20 a month at their restaurant and  I do not feel like regularly visiting if they can not deliver on their claims.

Their food is good, but it seems like its another Albertos where the food is good, but the service could have been better.

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