Republicans Distracted From Their Priorities

A letter submitted to my local newspaper:

Ignorance, prejudice and fear rise hand and hand in the Republican Party. It makes me embarrassed that the establishment of the party I belong to would rather bash their fellow Americans than to do the job they were supposed to do when they got the majority in the House of Representatives.

I thought the Republican Party was supposed to be working on the budget deficit, job creation and decrease the size of government. But I guess the Republicans would rather deal with wedge issues to distract the American People such as treating LGBT people like unequal Americans with the Defense of Marriage Act.

Government sanctioned animus against a population is clearly unacceptable. Perhaps more job creation can happen when DOMA gets stricken down from the courts or repealed thru legislation than Speaker Boehner’s full employment program for lawyers to defend DOMA.

Governor Daniels of Indiana is right; we should focus on the economy first, and then worry about issues such as abortion or making LGBT people second class citizens after we fix the economy.


Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

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