Daily Bulletin and Survival

The economy is tough, technology is killing the newspaper and when both are placed together the situation does seem grim.

I remember when our local newspapers were comprehensive and filled with content, but it seems like today we are here to pay for a pale imitation of the newspapers of old for double the price.

It is not fun to see quality columnists like David Allen having to face a furlough, or young people realizing that there is a fat chance in hell that there will be a job for them in the journalism industry.

I know newspapers are having a hard time making money. But maybe if the Los Angeles Newspaper Group had a cost-effective solution to help generate some revenue. I was thinking of a 6 month or 1 year subscription package where if you do not subscribe to a daily subscription, you get a preferred online subscription to the website where there would be no advertisements and  longer retention of articles instead of 7 days, it would be a 30 day retention.

Perhaps for 12.00 for 6 months or 20.00 for a year, people would more likely help fund the content that we value as readers.

And to make this more valuable, you would be able to get content from all the newspapers in the chain from the Daily News to the Sun in San Bernardino. Fred Hamilton and William Singleton I hope you can read this.

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