Position on the budget.

I believe we do need the Brown tax measure to make sure we do not face total budget austerity, but if the taxes do not help the overall picture there should be some escape hatches.

If California state unemployment can not get lower than 9 percent by June 30th 2013, then the tax increases would be null and void.

If state revenues are declining, even though we have tax increases then we should null the tax increases.

Brown’s tax measure needs Republicans to get on the ballot, but maybe he should just get his labor union friends to put on the ballot the old fashioned way so no Republican could be blamed for the tax increases.

I do support the Republican position on state budget negotiations for one single reason, much crazier and nuttier Republicans will replace the Republican state legislators who will get marched out of Sacramento for violating the base of the party and John and Ken. If you like the new crop of legislators elected in Montana you will like California’s new Republicans in 2012.

If any Republican wants to work with Governor Brown, add some escape clauses to the tax increases and we can put something good in a bad situation.

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