Shameless Millionaire Presidential Candidates

Republicans have another problem child in 2012, Donald Trump. It seems that Donald Trump is trying to turn on a dime on his positions in order to seem acceptable to the base, but moderates and discerning conservatives might just toss him in the gutter instead.

I could understand a candidate’s views changing over a matter of time, but over months or days it would just seem as shameless political posturing. Just as how Donald Trump may divorce women like how Elizabeth Taylor divorces men, the Trump  may not support marriage equality. However if he can not even support the Employment Non Discrimination Act, then who else can I support. Then the Trump ten years ago says he is for abortion, and now today he is against it.

I know Trump would be a good man compared to Obama, but I would like to see a fiscal plan that would be different from what Obama is proposing and see if Trump can see in how he can snatch the young people’s votes from the president by having unique positions.

My neighbor told me I should oppose equality legislation when I ran for State Assembly in 2002, but that was against my core principles and I would rather be honest in my policy positions than to pander for public support then if I was elected and voted that way I would have been the precursor to Roy Ashburn.

People are looking for a principled moderate Republican for the 2012 election, but it seems that presidential candidates are throwing themselves and their principles so they would be acceptable to the Iowa caucus voters. However, in New Hampshire the primary is basically open where the independents and unaffiliated can join in the Republican Primary where someone like Donald Trump before he opened his mouth recently would have had potential.

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