Retail Gripes

At the store I work at we are asked to obtain the customer’s email addresses so they can attain our advertisements and coupons.
I know this is an annoying obligation that the store employees are asked to do when customers are already on the list or do not want another email to be added to their inbox.
However I had one customer who wanted to sign up, but just put their domain address but did not put the email account name. I just did not want the customer to chew me out when she did not get our advertisement or coupons next month. Take it from experience, I personally did not get my store circular in my Los Angeles Times, but I signed myself for our email offers so I am not totally out of luck.
I am hoping for the Office Specialist to directly enroll our customers instead of having to mail out the request forms so we would have happy customers.
We all do what is needed from our jobs, but I wish we could make the customers time fast and easy as well.
Also I know some of my web site visitors do visit the store I work at. Feel free to sign up for our email coupons/circular.

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