My Response to Senator Dutton on Brown’s State of the State Address

I am taking the time to write a reply to the California Senate Republican leader to offer a response to the response.

There is a reason why Republicans are not representing the majority in Sacramento, they are just too mean to the marginalized populations in our state. From Proposition 8 to 187, the Republican Party had to use the big wedge to help gain popular support.

Although California has its problems, we should not resort to using the boogey man of the day to become the party of the majority. From Proposition 14 in 1964 to Proposition 8 in 2008, we are telling Californians that the Republican Party is not their party.

Even though Democratic Party legislators think that money grows on trees and we can pay high end retirement benefits to the public employees, people still vote for Democrats because they do not attack their communities.

Even though there may be lesbian business owners, or socially conservative black people who share traits with the Republican Party they end up still supporting the Democratic Party.

Since we have the passage of Proposition 25, budgets must be passed with majority vote. And if Senator Dutton and friends do not have a party platform or a welcome mat to the communities that the Republican Party marginalized in the past it will be hard to win those votes back.

Yes, Senator Dutton I would love to see the two million plus Californians back to work, but the party needs to be more inviting so it could attain the majority support to get business back to our state.

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