Neighbors from the ghetto.

Right now it is one in the morning and I have been enduring some horrific issues with a new resident who lives two or three doors from me.

The man allegedly is a LAPD officer and he likes to unwind by playing loud Spanish language dance music and run hammers and buzsaws at the late of nights when most people are in bed. I do like my music loud, but I also think of my neighbors.

The individual has had several calls to the Ontario police for him to pipe it down, but since he is probably a fellow boy in blue he will likely be allowed to torment his neighbors and nothing will likely be done. I bet if he ran a dog fighting ring, the Ontario police would be doing something.

I might just fire up my loud music in retaliation. Not everyone shares your musical tastes. Until the officer pipes his music down, I should also have the right to play it loud. Police officers should not get special rights to violate municipal codes.

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