Can You Carve Away This Stone?

It seems like there are obstacles in order to attain a goal. Cal Poly Pomona wants prior experience with youth in order to enter a credentialing program, and Western Governors University wants me to finish some more classes before I enter.

For WGU I need to do a 2 class series on World History, 1 more class on US History, a class on Geography, and a class on Sociology.

This is frustrating. But I will be able to overcome the obstacles.

For Cal Poly Pomona, I am bewildered on how I would attain the prior experience with youth when most places want people with experience already.

Riverside Community College has World Civilizations class and a US History class I have not completed yet, so this might be a good start.

I hope I could get the financial aid cleared so I could enroll on time.

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