Joe Baca wants to be your Content Nanny.

I guess this is the week that Congressman Baca is announcing his legislation for this congressional session. First, it was amnesty for the smuggled children who enter our country. Now it is a return of Congressman Baca’s warning label for violent video games bill that is looking to be passed this year.

News of his violent video game label bill was also mentioned on my blog previously, and I guess we are sounding the alarm again to make sure this bill sinks in committee.

This bill is only designed to make the congressman look good in the press and there is already a video game content labeling system and it has been around for the last fifteen plus years and it is called the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and they have ratings so parents could choose the best content for their children and devices such as the XBOX or Nintendo Wii have parental control devices as well. So, if a child brings forth Grand Theft Auto 5 or Call of Duty, the family XBOX 360 will not play the game.

Also, we are facing a huge budget deficit to add new federal employees from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to monitor this proposed law and if the private industry can enforce their content successfully with retailers and content producers working together in harmony we should just let this successful partnership continue.

Although Joe Baca is my congressman, and I did call his office to express my displeasure last time he submitted this bill he probably could care less about my two cents. But if you do live in the 43rd Congressional District feel free to call his office.

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