From the archive: Voter Fraud in the 1990s in Fontana and beyond.

Here is an email I received around in 2003 about this sordid tale. Its slightly old, but its good tale of political history.

A Few Facts and Facets Concerning Voter Fraud in our District

>As a former poll worker I know the box can be stuffed before or after the

>polls are open. At the election classes the instructors always stated,

>"Be sure to show the first voters an open ballot box before voting

>starts. As soon as voters arrive show them an open box. We have more


>about voters not seeing an open box in Fontana than anywhere else." Then

>in May of 1994 the instructor told us he had brought a new ballot box to

>show us. However, when he turned around, he exclaimed that the box there

>was the wrong one and the numbers didn’t agree with the request. The

>serial numbers on the box were different from the request form he had. I

>still wonder where that "new" ballot box is.

>In the past many people in Fontana have told me that the "machine" and

>the "good ole boys" decide elections and observation has shown this to be

>true. One former planning commissioner has said that the ballot boxes

>were stuffed and that he would never run for office in this city and he

>has not in the past ten years.

>In the ‘96 election two different poll workers approached one candidate to

>say they stuffed the ballot boxes for Brown and his cronies. One

>poll worker in Rialto told Brown’s office that she wanted to stuff for one

>of Brown’s cronies’ opponents and she was transferred to work in Fontana.

>It is interesting that his endorsements were often voted in or came in

>very close. In the ’94 election Brown endorsed David Eishelman, Nancy

>Hooper and Pete Oakley and they received a huge number of votes with the

>first two winning and Oakley came in first runner-up just barely losing.

>Brown lauded these three in a speech opening the Blockbuster Pavilion and

>gave them credit for helping with the Pavilion. No one I know voted for

>the two men.

>Valerie Pope-Ludlam and her opponent were in court concerning voter fraud

>and it was proven that voter fraud exists and is alive and well in San

>Bernardino County. Also two before the ’96 election NBC covered voters in

>Bob Dornan’s district who were registered more than once and interviewed

>at least two. One Oriental woman registered three times due to marriage

>and changed parties. A Hispanic registered twice because he felt he

>"deserved" to vote twice. Many new but unpapered citizens and noncitizens

>were allowed to vote.

>While doing phone calls to senior citizens I personally talked to a

>nursing home which had residents listed by bed numbers to give the

>appearance of apartments. None of the voters were able to come to the

>phone according to the nurse. I believe people vote for them.

>The Linda Wilde observers at the Voter Registration Office in San

>Bernardino saw the workers running around in Brown for Congress t-shirts

>and a few were taking boxes with "Unmarked Ballots" out of the room and

>disappearing with them on election night in 1996.

>Having worked the polls I can see the honor system having open arms to

>box stuffers with the workers paid so little and entrusted with so many

>votes. The hours are long and the rules are stringent in allowing no

>breaks from late afternoon until the polls close at 8 pm; usually workers

>put in a 15-hour or more day. From closing time until 10 pm the boxes can

>easily be stuffed and even many other times like before the polls open.

>There is also the possibility of workers at the Voter Registration Office

>stuffing boxes. Also each time the instructor urged workers to show an

>open ballot box because of complaints about voter fraud in Fontana than

>anywhere else because voters weren’t shown open boxes.

>During the 1994 campaign Rep. Brown lied concerning two areas as proven

>by the Fontana Herald and Daily Bulletin respectively. The first was

>George Brown’s claim he was endorsed by the local police association he

>listed in his campaign literature; next he listed Rancho Cucamonga Police

>Officers Association which does not exist for Rancho is patrolled by the

>sheriff’s department. Second, he stated Rob owed money for taxes and had

>liens on his home for unpaid bills; however, two of the bills were for

>another Rob Guzman at a different address in Fontana.

>The Voter Registration Office is very pro Brown. The election night of ’94

>when Liz Soto (Rob’s sister called to ask election results the woman

>answering the phone shouted, "We won. We won. George Brown won." Liz

>asked for the numbers.

>Also during the campaign Liz, Mike (Rob’s brother) and Rob all received

>threatening phone calls and noticed people following them; one time a

>dark car with a few men in it tried to run Liz off the road. Someone

>threw fire on Rob’s lawn; fortunately he was home to put it out. Liz felt

>Brown was responsible but said, "We can’t prove it." However, at no other

>time did the Guzmans have threats, danger and mysterious followers than

>during the campaign time.

>Brown opponent, Linda Wilde, and one of her friends also received phone

>threats and caller Ided them to be George Brown’s office. Wilde

>supposedly lost the election by about 1,000 votes in 1996. I believe in

>reality she won and just needs helpers willing to watch the polls and the

>voter registration office to ensure more honesty.

>Since pollworkers said they stuffed the boxes before the polls opened, in

>the ’98 election I decided to check out the Jessie Turner Center polling

>place. When they were late opening and did not show an empty box, I

>called Irma Escobar’s headquarters to report it and Carolyn Preschern

>told me to call Voter Registration Office and report it. The line was

>always busy. That night my son and I checked who the last voter was and

>his number. The last voter was Walter Culver. I checked the next couple

>of days to see how many votes were cast at the Center but the V. R.

>Office kept saying it did not have any totals for the polling places.

>Therefore, I could not check the totals to see if the box was stuffed

>after they closed as some workers had stated.

>There must be true concern by voters to assure that votes count. At least

>checking the polling places show an empty box when they open. A couple of

>hours once every two years is a small price to pay for true freedom and


>In 1999 Irma Escobar had a number of the ladies in her Republican Club

>complain that they requested absentee ballots and never received them.

>That same election which was a special runoff to replace the late George

>Brown Elia Pirozzi had an active absentee ballot campaign. However, the

>small percentage of returns was devastating and Elia discovered that many

>seniors whose ballots were not received had had someone come and pick

>them up but never deliver them to the Voter Registration Office. So a

>number of voters were not counted. There are so many deceivers and

>deceitful ways that the true wishes of the voters are not prevalent.

>Irma also after visiting Fontana Women’s Club was cheered by the ladies

>and one gal, Myrt, shouted out, "Honey, we’ll stuff the boxes for you."

>Bea Watson was rather embarrassed and quipped that she was just joking.

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