Misadventures With itunes

I decided to do the right thing and buy an album from one of the bands I listen to Heaven 17. So I decided to utilize some of my store credit from my itunes gift card that was given during the Christmas Season.

Problem is the itunes client is ineffective and frustrates the living daylights out of me.  First, I get download errors where the file does not get downloaded, and when I try and re-download the music does not actually get sent to the folder where the album is in, but gets sent to random folders. If anyone has this problem again, try visiting the itunes media/downloads folder. If that does not work, try itunes media/music/unknown artist folder.

Unfortunately the Virgin Megastore in Ontario went out of business due to a real estate developer that should be pelted with rotten eggs because he bought the company only for the real estate and decided to shut down the chain. Honestly I do prefer the physical product and will likely buy Heaven 17’s Penthouse and Pavement as a physical copy from amazon.co.uk instead.

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